Faculty Teaching Awards

Thomas Rhys Vickroy Distinguished Teaching Award

The Thomas Rhys Vickroy Distinguished Teaching Award is awarded annually to a member of the full-time faculty in recognition of teaching excellence.

The Vickroy Award recipient, who must be a full-time member of the College faculty, is selected by the president of the College after consultation with a faculty review committee. The Vickroy Award replaces the Lindback Award, which was presented through the 1993 academic year.

Previous Awardees
1985    Leon E. Markowicz, Ph.D., Professor of English
1986    Carolyn R. Hanes, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology and Social Work and Leadership Studies
1987    Donald E. Byrne Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Religion
1987    Mark A. Townsend, Ed.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences
1988    William H. Fairlamb, Mus.B., Professor of Music
1989    Paul L. Wolf, Ph.D., Professor of Biology
1990    Owen A. Moe Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry
1991    Scott H. Eggert, D.M.A., Associate Professor of Music
1992    Gary Grieve-Carlson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English
1993    Diane M. Iglesias, Ph.D., Professor of Spanish
1994    Sidney Pollack, Ph.D., Professor of Biology and Barbara S. Vlaisavljevic, M.B.A.,
                Assistant Professor of Accounting
1995    David I. Lasky, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology
1996    James W. Scott, Ph.D., Professor of German
1997    Howard L. Applegate, Ph.D., Professor of History and American Studies
1998    Mark L. Mecham, D.M.A., Professor of Music
1999    Michael A. Day, Ph.D., Professor of Physics
2000    Jeanne C. Hey, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics
2001    Allan F. Wolfe, Ph.D., Professor of Biology
2002    Marie G. Bongiovanni, M.L.A., Associate Professor of English
2003    Carl T. Wigal, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry
2004    Mary L. Lemons, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Music
2005    Jefrey W. Robbins, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Religion
2006    J. Patrick Brewer, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences
2007    Philip A. Billings, Ph.D., Professor of English
2008    M. Jane Yingling, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education
2009    Scott N. Walck, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Physics
2010   Grant D. Taylor, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Art History and Digital Communications
2011   Catherine Romagnolo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English
2012   Philip J. Benesch, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science
2013   Anderson L. Marsh, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry
2014   Matthew R. Sayers, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Religion
2015   Timothy J. Peelen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry



Nevelyn J Knisley Award for Teaching

The Nevelyn J. Knisely Award for Teaching is awarded annually to a member of the part-time and adjunct faculty in recognition of teaching excellence.

In 1988, Lebanon Valley College created an award for part-time and adjunct members of the college faculty similar to the philosophy of the Vickroy Award. The first awardee was Nevelyn J. Knisley. After the presentation of the first award, the president of the College named this series of awards for Mrs. Knisley in recognition for her 24 years of inspired teaching in music.

Previous Awardees
1988    Nevelyn J. Knisley, M.F.A., Adjunct Associate Professor of Music
1989    Carolyn B. Scott, B.A., Adjunct Instructor in French
1990    Michael J. Asken, Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychology
1991    Joanne Cole Rosen, B.A., Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry
1992    Kevin B. Pry, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor of English
1993    Thomas M. Strohman, B.S., Adjunct Instructor in Music
1994    Timothy M. Dewald, M.Div., Adjunct Instructor in Mathematical Sciences
1995    Léonie Lang-Hambourg, M.A., Adjunct Assistant Professor of German
1996    Cynthia R. Johnston, B.S., Adjunct Instructor in Chemistry
1997    Richard J. Tushup, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology
1998    Arlen J.Greiner, M.S., Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physics
1999    Leslie E. Bowen, M.F.A., Lecturer in Art
2000    Patricia M. Meley, M.A., Adjunct Instructor in American Studies
2001    Robert A. Nowak, M.M., Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music
2002    Gene G. Veno, M.P.A., Adjunct Instructor in Business Administration
2003    Marion M. Markowicz, M.S.S., Adjunct Instructor in Sociology
2004    Jeff Remington, M.Ed., Adjunct Instructor in Science Education
2005    James A. Erdman II, Adjunct Instructor in Music.
2006    Marie Riegle-Kinch, M.F.A., Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art
2007    Anna F. Tilberg, B.A., Adjunct Instructor in Biology
2008    Joseph D. Mixon, M.M., Adjunct Instructor in Music
2009    Rachel R. Luckenbill, M.A., Lecturer in English
2010    Theresa Bowley, M.A., Adjunct Instructor in French
2011    Nancy Williams, M.Ed., Adjunct Instructor of Art and Art Education
2012    Andrew Milosz, M. Ed., Adjunct Instructor of Physical Therapy
2013    Seth Kensinger, Ed.D., Adjunct Instructor in MSE, Chemistry, and Education
2014    Rabbi Paula Reimers, M.A., Adjunct Instructor in Religion
2015    Denise Williams, M.A., Adjunct Instructor in Education