Course Enhancement Grants

In 2008 CETL was the beneficiary of a gift that funded several grant awards with the idea of supporting purposeful course redesign. The Course Enhancement Grant is awarded annually to encourage faculty to significantly re-think a course they teach in an effort to improve learning effectiveness and to facilitate that process.

A variety of instructional models, methods, and technologies may be considered as awardees work through the instructional design process. Additionally, involved faculty will participate in a CETL forum the following year to share their experiences, including perceived and measurable results, and submit a brief report that will provide a record of the project and can be reviewed by other faculty.

Current Course Enhancement Grant funds are being directed toward revision of courses for the new common learning experience, Constellation LVC.

Past Course Enhancement Grant Awardees:


Revision of Religion 252: Hinduism - Matthew Sayers, Assistant Professor of Religion

Development and Pilot use of the REAL program - Walter Patton & Anderson Marsh, Associate Professors of Chemistry