Consultations & Observations

CETL offers individual, confidential consultations to faculty colleagues concerning topics or issues related to teaching and learning. For example, one might want to revise learning objectives or course syllabi; try a new teaching method or integrate new technology; or consider methods to effective assess and evaluate student learning.

In addition, CETL will provide a classroom observation with the purpose of collecting more information and feedback for the instructor. The classroom observation process consists of three meetings: a pre-observation consultation to discuss concerns and course objectives; the classroom observation; and a post-observation consultation to review the class and consider the ways to advance faculty teaching and student learning. This process is designed to be one of facilitated reflection and not one of evaluation. Again, the observation is completely confidential.

If you are not interested in a full observation, but would still like some constructive feedback related to your course, CETL also offers assignment and/or exam review and feedback. This process allows you to discuss an upcoming or past assignment or exam with the CETL director and receive formative feedback in a confidential environment.

To schedule a consultation or observation with the CETL director, contact her via email ( or phone (6511).