Project CLOSE-UP

A Career Exploration Program

Project CLOSE-UP targets first and second-year students (freshmen and sophomores) for a unique opportunity to gain exposure to jobs and workplaces with volunteer alumni Career Connections mentors and other professionals.

Since 2009 this foundational program has addressed initial career development tasks (knowledge of self and the world of work) that have helped students make informed career choices and prepare for future internships/employment planning. They have learned the fundamentals for choosing and solidifying their major, identifying ways to enhance and augment their studies, conducting informational interviews, and assessing their motivated skills. Additionally, students' exposure to the world of work has increased their understanding of the professional expectations held by employers and supervisors.

The program will undergo major revisions during the 2015-16 academic year.  Project CLOSE-UP's new face will launch in May 2016. The program is expected to be ready for student participation in 2016-17.