Current Jobs for Graduates

To secure a username/password for Current Jobs for Graduates, contact Career Services or go to the Resource Library of your JOB CENTER account  to acquire it.

Current Jobs for Graduates is an excellent resource for the liberal arts graduate. Once you have entered the site, click on the ENTER HERE link (purple) on the left side of the page, then click on the bulletin(s) you wish to view. When prompted for the user name and password, use the information given to you by Career Services. You will then be able to access each of the following bulletins:

  • Current Jobs in Liberal Arts (lists vacancies for graduates in American Studies; anthropology; archaeology; communications; economics; English, writng, and literature; fine and applied arts; foreign langauges; foreign/area studies; government; history; journalism; philosophy; political science; psychology; public affairs; and sociology). It is published during the first and third weekends of every month.
  • Current Jobs in Writing, Editing, and Communications (lists jobs in book and magazine publishing; broadcasting; business communications; editing; instructing; journalism; marketing and advertsing; mass communcations; telemarketing; public relations; research; radio and TV production; speech writing; technical writing; writing and reporting (all media); and world wide web publishing. It is published during the third weekend of every month.
  • Current Jobs in Management and Business (lists vacancies in business administration, sales management, advertising, banking and finance, public administration, marketing, information management, non-profit management, association management, public relations, human resources management, economics, commerce business communications, and accounting. It is published during the third weekend of every month.
  • Current Jobs in Education (lists jobs in adult education; college teaching; professional school administration; government and corporate training; guidance and counseling; residence life; admissions; and other education related professions. It also lists teaching jobs for English and literature, foreign language, TESOL, and overseas education/teaching. It is published during the first weeekend of every month.
  • Current Jobs International (lists jobs nationwide and throughout the world in American studies; Bible studies; bilingual/bicultural education; English, writing, and literature;  area studies; international business; liberal arts and humanities; modern languages; teaching ESL/TESOL; tourism and travel; translation and interpretation; and international relations anddiplomacy. It is published during the third weekend of every month.
  • Current Jobs in Art (lists vacancies in art education, art history, commercial art, graphic art, technical drawing, design, illustration, studio art, printmaking, and sculpting. It is published during the first weekend of every month.
  • Current Jobs in Performing Arts (lists vacancies in cinema and film; arts administration; dance; theatre; music; speech and dramatic arts; music education; teaching; radio and TV; paid internships; piano; sacred music; speech communications; voice; film and video; all performing arts; perfoming arts education; stringed instruments; and other instruments. It is published during the first weekend of every month.