Internship Opportunities

Resources to expand your options...


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  • Jobs & Internships
    Local, regional and national employers post opportunities regularly.
  • Career Connections
    Alumni volunteers may be contacted for internship possibilities and advice.

These resources are password protected for the LVC community, but easliy accessible. Follow the directions provided to access a wealth of possibilities.

  • Internships-USA
    A great resource for opportunities within community and social service agencies, womens' rights and human rights organizations, advertising agencies, sports, media, and America's top 10 companies. Look here for green internships, law and policy internships in D.C., Congressional internships, history and museum internships, and international internships.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of options, but as examples of some good places we have found to search for internships. You can always "google" your way to locating internships (e.g. type in public policy internships; green internships, etc.).