Full-Time Student: Tuition & Fees

2016-17 Semester Fees




Undergraduate Tuition*



Graduate Tuition



Required Fees



Room - Traditional $2,655.00
Room - Level 2 (apartments/some small houses) $3,085.00
Room - Level 1 (premium) $3,255.00

Board - Gold (220 meals, $75 flex dollars)** $2,835.00
Board - Gold Plus (220 meals, $250 flex dollars)** $3,010.00
Board - Gold Extra (220 meals, $375 flex dollars)** $3,135.00
Board - Gold Extra Plus (220 meals, $450 flex dollars)** $3,210.00

Board - Silver (190 meals, $75 flex dollars)** $2,700.00
Board - Silver  Plus (190 meals, $250 flex dollars)** $2,875.00
Board - Silver Extra (190 meals, $375 flex dollars)** $3,000.00
Board - Silver Extra Plus (190 meals, $450 flex dollars)** $3,075.00

Board - Bronze (150 meals, $75 flex dollars)** $2,385.00
Board - Bronze Plus (150 meals, $250 flex dollars)** $2,560.00
Board - Bronze Extra (150 meals, $375 flex dollars)** $2,685.00
Board - Bronze Extra Plus (150 meals, $450 flex dollars)** $2,760.00

Board - Commuter Plan (45 meals, $100 flex dollars)
Board - Commuter (Plan (75 meal, $100 flex dollars)

Total (UG, Gold Meal, Traditional Housing)



Tuition Notes

12 or more credit hours per semester constitutes full-time undergraduate status and are charged at the full-time rate.

Alumni who have earned an VC bachelor's degree qualify for a 25% discount on full-time undergraduate tuition charges.

*Students registering for more than 17 credit hours during one semester will be assessed overload charges at $595 per credit hour above the 17 maximum. The 25% alumni discount does not apply to overload charges.

Overload Refund Policy: 100% refund will be given if the overload course is dropped within the add/drop period of the term.

Board Notes

First-time resident students must select from a Gold or Silver meal plan level.

**Annville students may use their flex dollars in LVC dining facilities.

Miscellaneous charges and deposits

  • A $500 admission deposit is held as a contingency deposit and is refunded upon graduation.
  • A $100 room deposit must be submitted to the Business Office on an annual basis to reserve campus housing for the upcoming academic year. This room deposit will be credited to your student account on July 1 as long as you return as a resident student. Students will be notified by Student Services of the deposit due date.
  • As a full-time student you are allowed to charge college store purchases ($15.00 minimum purchase) to your student account. Cumulative monthly purchases are applied to your account at the end of each month.
  • Returned checks are subject to a $20 fee. The fee will be assessed for each returned check, including checks on which payment has been stopped. Check-writing privileges are suspended until the returned check and penalty are paid in full. If you do not render payment when requested, administrative action may be taken to place holds on future registration privileges and release of transcripts. You may also face collection action for the unpaid amount. Check writing privileges will be revoked if a second check is returned.
  • Late Charges of $200 per semester are added to the student account if payment in full (less approved financial aid) is not received by the stated due date. The late fee will not be waived.
  • Other miscellaneous charges may be applied to your student account throughout the academic year. These charges may include, but are not limited to, vehicle registration, parking fines, private music lessons, library fines and damage and disciplinary assessments. If you have questions regarding any one of these charges, please contact the originating department. Please contact the Business Office if you need assistance in determining the originating department.