C.F. Joseph Tom Lecture in Economics

The Tom Lecture was established in 1985 by Dr. C.F. Joseph Tom, then professor of economics, to promote greater interest in the study of economics. Tom, who died in 2004, taught economics at the College for three decades.

The lecture brings renowned economic experts to campus to expose students to a variety of economics career options and diverse opinions from today's top economists.

2012: Dr. George DeMartino
DeMartino is a professor and co-director of the master's program in Global, Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration at the University of Denver. He is also author of "The Economist's Oath" and "Global Economy, Global Justice."

2011: Dr. Mark Price
Price, labor economist at the Keystone Research Center, presented "A review of the aftermath of the Great Recession and how it fits in to recent U.S. Economics History." He is an expert in income inequality, trends in employment and compensation, the construction industry, and low-wage labor markets.

2010: Dr. Karl E. “Chip” Case
Longtime Wellesley professor and one of the top real estate experts in the world, Case discussed “Real Estate and the Macro-Economy.” He and his fellow researchers created the clearest picture ever developed of what a theorist would want to know about fluctuations in housing prices.

2007: John W. Bitner ’70
Bitner, then chief economist for Eastern Investment Advisors, is a 1970 graduate of Lebanon Valley College with a major in economics. He is a frequent television spokesperson on economic issues on major news networks such as CNN.