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Studio Art Minor

The minor in studio art emphasizes core competencies of creativity and proficiency in two- and three-dimensional media. Students are required to specialize in at least one medium, and are encouraged to develop their work into the advanced level. Because the minor offers a condensed experience in the creation of visual form, it serves as an ideal complement for students in the communications, music, or theater majors—but also appeals to students majoring in the sciences and other disciplines. 

Required courses:

ART 103 Visual Thinking
ART 209 Sculpture I: Material and Form


One additional course from the following:

ART 205 Drawing I: Material and Form
ART 217 Drawing II: The Human Form


Two additional studio art courses, one of which must be at the 300 or 400 level.

ART 211 Darkroom Photography
ART 217 Drawing II: The Human Form
ART 219 Painting I: Color and Form
ART 221 Painting II: Water-Based Med.
ART 223 Ceramics I: Material and Form
ART 225 Printmaking
ART 231 Digital Photography
ART 305 Drawing III: Illustration
ART 309 Pastel
ART 311 Photography II: Concept/Techn
ART 315 Sculpture II: Mater. & Concpt
ART 319 Painting III: Concept & Techn
ART 323 Ceramics II: Material/Concept
ART 392 Special Topics in Studio Art
ART 405 Advanced Studio


One studio art or art history course

Choose one course from the list above or any art history course from the department catalog.