Mission, Goals & Objectives

Department Mission Statement
In the Department of Art & Art History we invite our students to explore the creative process and to engage in the study of significant works of art and architecture. The focus of the program is on the development of essential skills: visual literacy, the ability to articulate oral and written arguments, and professional preparedness. We achieve this goal through innovative teaching and a rigorous curriculum that challenges students to develop their own path of learning under the guidance of accomplished faculty mentors. With this foundation our graduates are equipped to begin careers as artists, designers, museum workers, and teachers, and are able to successfully complete post-graduate degree programs at institutions nationwide.

  Goals   Objectives
Majors will possess foundational skills and knowledge in studio art and art history
  • Demonstrate basic proficiency in two- and three-dimensional media
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of major periods of artistic development and corresponding stylistic movements
Majors will become critical and creative thinkers
  • Understand and use specialized studio art and art history terminology
  • Formulate clear and focused oral and written arguments
  • Locate, analyze, and apply appropriate primary and secondary sources
  • [Studio Art Concentration] Develop an increasingly sophisticated engagement with a single art medium
Majors will show evidence of professional preparedness
  • [Studio Art Concentration] Produce and exhibit a focused body of creative work
  • [Art History Concentration] Produce and present a focused art history research project
  • [Art Education Candidates] Demonstrate competency in art education pedagogy and methodologies
  • Assemble a refined portfolio of creative and/or scholarly work
  • Understand key aspects of career and/or graduate school opportunities