Careers in Art & Art History

With a degree in art & art history you can pursue a career as an artist, art historian, designer, museum curator, or teacher—or continue your studies in a graduate program in studio art, art history, museum studies, or art therapy.

A recent survey undertaken by the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) found that 92 percent of arts graduates are pursuing jobs “consistent with their educational goals” (Source: In the Department of Art & Art History at LVC, we prepare our students for rewarding careers in the visual arts through a dynamic visual arts curriculum and a comprehensive liberal arts education. Our students often combine their studies in art & art history with programs in business, communications, and languages, resulting in graduates with broad knowledge and strong critical thinking abilities—two of the most “important skills and competencies in profession or work life,” according to SNAAP.

Careers Pursued By Art & Art History Graduates