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Art & Art History Major:
Art History Concentration

The art history concentration offers specialization courses in the histories and theories of art, with a focus on the art and architecture of Europe and America from the Renaissance to the present. A senior-level seminar, Art History: Theory and Method (ART 404), provides a strong theoretical overview and includes a significant research component. Museum Studies (ART 340) adds professional preparation for students interested in exhibition planning and gallery management. Students are advised to complete an internship as an additional learning experience while at LVC. Recent internship sites include the Demuth Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Princeton University Art Museum.

Careers in Art History and Museum Studies

Graduates of the art history concentration have gone on to promising careers in the field, including at museums and auction houses. Other graduates have pursued graduate degrees in art history and museum studies at institutions including Temple University and the Pennsylvania State University. For more information visit our page on Careers in Art & Art History.

Art Major Core:

ART 103 Visual Thinking
ART 112 Westrn Art I: Prehist-Medieval
ART 114 Western Art II: Ren. - Modern
ART 116 Non-Western Art

Required courses:


ART 404 Art History: Theory and Method
ART 406 Portfolio & Professional Dev.


Seven additional courses from the following, at least six of which must be in art history:

ART 214 History of Photography
ART 312 Renaissance Art
ART 316 Baroque Art
ART 320 Art and Revolution: 1776-1863
ART 328 Modern Art
ART 330 Contemporary Art:1980-Present
ART 332 Art and the Moving Image
ART 340 Museum Studies
ART 351 Color and Culture
ART 391 Special Topics in Art History
ART 400 Internship