Student Internship Projects, 2013 Awards

Nicole Abbamont '14
The Syndicate, Weehawken, N.J.
Abbamont will intern at The Syndicate, a marketing firm that manages campaigns for top music and entertainment brands. The internship will culminate her self-designed entertainment business major. Abbamont's unique self-designed major was included in a recent President's Report, and an alumnus was intrigued - his brother works for The Syndicate and it sounded like a perfect fit for Ms. Abbamont. He reached out and helped connect her to the internship.

Evan Flemming Buck '14
The Cutting Room Studio, New York City
Buck's ultimate goal as a music recording technology major is a career as a sound engineer. Buck will work in New York City at The Cutting Room Studio, where he will network with industry professionals, learn necessary skills needed to operate as a successful engineer, and become much more familiar with the current state of the music industry. He will work closely with many of the engineers, artists, agents, and mangers.

Courtney Escudero '14
Center for European Studies at Maastricht University, Netherlands
Escudero will gain international work experience at a high level of independence and contact with international students from an internship at the Center for European Students at Maastricht University. The Center offers a diverse and challenging work environment which includes front office work, trip guidance, and administrative programs. As an intern, Escudero will be immersed in another culture and gain knowledge, experience, and career skills. She will contribute to core learning outcomes in global studies and further globalize Lebanon Valley College. 

Cameron Venable '14
Texas A&M Applied Biodiversity Sciences Program, Puerto Rico
Venable will spend two months working on the research project "Managing species for the future: effects of predation on lizards of the genus Ameiva" at Texas A&M's Applied Biodiversity Sciences Program in Puerto Rico. He will work alongside Texas A&M students under the tutelage of NSF-IGERT Trainee, Nicole Frances Angeli, and will investigate whether predation varies on models among habitats, types, and refuges. Venable will also collect life history data on two endemic lizard species. He will be able to learn various techniques of field research and a skill set that can only be beneficial in his future of ecology and biodiversity research in graduate school. In addition to studying biology, Venable is also a Spanish minor, and the opportunity to do research abroad will expose him to Caribbean culture and immerse me in the Spanish language.

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