Career Connections in The Valley

Career Connections article featured on page 27 of the Winter 2010 edition of The Valley Magazine.  

Over the past two years, students and alumni are recognizing more often their unique Dutchman connection. The Offices of Career Services and Alumni Programs have teamed up to build LVC’s online career mentoring program, Career Connections. The program provides the opportunity for current students to connect with LVC alumni for the purpose of exploration, networking, and mentoring through the job and/or internship search process.

“My experiences at the Valley helped form the person I am today and if I can help one student realize and appreciate their experiences at the Valley, I feel I will have paid something back to my alma mater,” said Karen Milliken Young ’84. Young is among the more than 450 alumni in the Career Connections database, serving as the Valley’s largest alumni volunteer program. In fact, according to the 2007 Alumni Survey, 42 percent of respondents were interested in providing career advice to current students and alumni.

Students tend to feel the same way. In an anonymous questionnaire, one student noted, “The mentors I contacted were quick to respond and were very willing to answer the questions I had. Since they’ve been through the process, they were able to provide a unique perspective on the major that Career Services alone can’t provide.”

In addition to serving as a career mentor through Career Connections, volunteers stay well informed on current Career Services and Alumni Programs career volunteer initiatives. From networking events to career panel discussions, there are plenty of opportunities for alumni to give back and prepare current Dutchmen for their futures. 

To get started and stay connected: visit to learn more or to fill out your profile. 

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