Senior Class Gift Drive

What Can I Support?

Support whatever made an impact on you. Give to where your passions lie, and make LVC possible for another student. Areas of designation include The Valley Fund, scholarships and financial aid, academic departments, athletics, cultural activities, High-Impact Experience Fund for students, and President’s Innovation Fund for faculty.

Will our gifts really make a difference?

Absolutely! Your gifts provide future students with the same opportunities you have enjoyed. You will truly help make LVC possible for another student.

What are the gift drive goals for the Class of 2017?

The Senior Class Gift Committee chose to set the bar high with a $1866 dollar goal and a 150 donor goal in honor of LVC's founding year and anniversary year, respectively.

How do I make a gift to the Class of 2017 Gift Drive?

Donations in the form of cash, check, or credit card are accepted. Seniors can fill out a Class of 2017 Gift Drive donation form with their information and donation at various events hosted by the Class of 2017 Senior Gift Drive Committee, or receive a form from a member of the committee. You can also visit Jordan Ott, assistant director of annual giving, in Laughlin Hall to pick up a donation form and make a gift. Checks can be made out to Lebanon Valley College. You may also make a gift online.

What is the history of the Senior Gift Drive History

Gifts to the Senior Gift Drive are impactful and important ways to make a difference at Lebanon Valley College. Donations from alumni, parents, and friends provide merit scholarships, educational materials, learning experiences, improvements to campus facilities, and many other things that make The Valley an excellent place to live, learn, and thrive.

Without that generous support, the Lebanon Valley College experience would not be possible. Your gift continues this legacy of support for the next generation of LVC students and shows your appreciation for your college experience.

For more than 20 years, members of the graduating class have shown their gratitude to LVC by making a gift to the College. Their contribution is recognized during Commencement ceremonies as their first unified act as an alumni class. The gift drive structure has changed throughout the years, but the most important fact remains that each class leaves a lasting legacy at Lebanon Valley College through its participation and generosity.

  • 2016–Support of Lebanon Valley College–$1,527
  • 2015–Support of Lebanon Valley College–$1,712
  • 2014–Support of Lebanon Valley College–$1,955
  • 2013–Class of 2013 Scholarship–$1,474
  • 2012–Firepit on the patio of Mund College Center–$13,640
  • 2011–Fireplace in Mund Living Room–$16,323
  • 2010–Game Room in Yuhas Commons–$19,354
  • 2009–Volleyball Court–$24,293
  • 2008–Dutchman Mascot–$31,360
  • 2007–Time is Moving on and We Can't Slow Down (Clock in Yuhas Commons)–$21,705
  • 2006–Area surrounding Yuhas Commons–$19,860
  • 2005–Landscaping, Lynch Memorial Hall–$20,150
  • 2004–Time Marches on (Landscaping, Lynch Memorial Hall)–$19,615
  • 2003–Leave Your Mark (Sheridan Avenue Boulevard)–$21,150
  • 2002–Raising the Bar (Sheridan Avenue Boulevard)–$16,036
  • 2001–Keeping the Tradition Alive (Social Quad Gazebo)–$11,845
  • 2000–Bridge to Our Future (Bridge at Heilman)–$16,585
  • 1999–Shooting for Success (Benches, Pond, Landscaping Academic Quad)–$23,580

2017 Senior Gift Drive Donors

106 donors $4,036.58

Elizabeth Aguilar
Rachel Anderson
Erin Angelini
Megan Arnst
Bryce Betz
Indiana Bolger
Kayla Bolinsky
Meghan Boran
Samantha Bost
Benjamin Brashear
Paige Brocato
Jacob Bruccoliere
Allison Cable
Bradford Capatch Jr.
Jordan Caprioli
Thomas Carley
Anthony Caruso
Michael Cecchini
Michael Chajnacki
Haley Christensen
Garrett Collins
Travis Conrad
Kyle Cook
Megan Cook
Uyen Dang
Joseph Devenuto
Hannah Dieringer
Ross Drawbaugh
Nicholas Ensminger
Cody Esposito
Austin Farwell
Erika Fisher
Maureen Fleming
Katie Frace
Johnna Garbrick
Klayton Garman
Danielle Gehman
Elaine Gross
Terrence Habiyaremye
Christine Hallman
Bradley Hartman
Brianna Heffner
Courtney Holms
Rebecca Ireland
Nicholas Irick
Olivia Jendrzejewski
Tristan Kalinay
Brianna Keogan
Leah Kline
Gavin Kolaric
Brett Kudlak
Baker Landon
Brittany Laughlin-Heinbach
Lacey Lausch
Sara Lemke
Andrew Linker
Erick Lofton
Yale Maier
Michael Mango-Puglisi
Paul Markovits
Stephanie Marshall
Zoe Martin
Yamisel Martinez
Kevin Masterson
Thomas Mattaini
Jermaine McQueen
Kiersten Merkel
Kayla Miler
Austin Minnich
Mackenzie Murray
Corby Myers
Derek Null
Kathryn O’Boyle
Elizabeth O’Connor
Jasmine Olvany
Priscilla Organtini
Corrina Parsons
E. Pavlik
Kelsey Payung
Mark Peters
Alyssa Potosnak
Anna Quinn
Taylor Reinhold
Lyndsay Riedel
Kristin Robeson
Kali Rodgers
Josiah Schendel
Laura Schmidt
Matthew Schoeller
Austin Seitzinger
Nikki Singley
Mariah Smolka
Molly Stanley
Gabe Stasyszyn
Kelly Stock
Anne Swokel
Rebecca Tanz
Jessica Thor
Zackery Tidmore
Taylor Troutman
Olovia Uverti
Viktoria Van Nederveen
Timothy Vandervort
Christine Ware
Courtney Wilt
Samantha Wright