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Susan Sarisky Jones '92

Thank you, Dean Yuhas, for all the life lessons, mentoring and laughter while I was a student and administrator. Thank you also for starting Alex (future Dutchman) down the right path. I hope she is lucky enough to have a Dean Yuhas in her college life! #HeartofLVC

Gregory A. High '92

I appreciate the opportunity and I am very eager to serve on the Board of Trustees as a way to give back to what this outstanding institution has given to me and so many other students over the years. I wanted to share with you just a few of the reasons why I love LVC: • A culture of caring—Incredible faculty and staff who truly care about LVC students and the community. It is something that you feel and experience every time you step onto campus. • Students—Awesome students who also care about each other, the LVC campus, and the surrounding community. • Vision—Strong, capable leadership with a vision for the future. • A sense of place—A charming campus with buildings and grounds that beam with character are well maintained, and provide an environment conducive to learning. • Educational excellence—If you arrive every day ready to learn…you will! • Engaged learning—Integrated opportunities for real world application and learning through internship programs. • Supporters—Many alumni and friends who support the College financially; as well as, with their hearts, minds, souls, time, and talents. I graduated 25 years ago and I still have fond memories of every single professor. In fact, Mr. Donald C. Boone [former associate professor of hotel management] still writes to me every year and Dr. Don Byrne [professor emeritus of religion] has also done so from time to time. These professors had a profound transformative effect on me and they inspired me in many ways. I am deeply appreciative of their work. In fact, I can’t think of a more distinguished group of individuals. I wanted to share the following excerpt from a letter that Dr. Don Byrne wrote to me seven years after I had graduated: “Since you graduated in ’92, there have been a lot of changes at “dear old LVC”, and I think for the better. There’s an awful lot of construction going on—a new baseball diamond, new fields, a wetlands area, a new dorm coming—and much changing that is less noticeable. It’s all for the good, I hope. Still, the real business takes place in the classroom.” On a recent tour of the College with President [Lewis E.] Thayne, it was clearly evident to me that very good and important things continue to happen on the LVC campus to help ensure that the College continues to fulfill its mission of: “Delivering a transformative education built on the liberal arts.” Those good things don’t happen by chance. They require in-depth planning and strong commitment from the president of the College, administration, Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, current students, alumni, and community supporters. I have a deep appreciation for everyone involved in carrying forward the mission and vision of this College. What you have all created here through your collective efforts is truly special for everyone involved. LVC continues to be a valued treasure in this community because of all of you. I couldn’t be prouder. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it!

Dr. Allan F. Wolfe

“When I arrived at LVC in 1968, I was fortunate to choose some very good mentors. They included Tony Neidig, chair of the Chemistry Department, “Rinso” Marquette, dean of students, and Bob Wonderling, director of development. Not only did they show me how to navigate various college teaching situations, student advising, and college committees, but also they did it every noon as we met to play squash or racquetball. Paul Wolf of the Biology Department was another important mentor. He was chair of the Biology Department for more than 40 years, and I learned many important lessons about teaching, science, and leadership from him.”

Dr. Jessica L. Haloskie '01

“Dr. Allan F. Wolfe taught me to strive hard and never stop reaching for my goals. He helped me understand that nothing comes easy and you have to commit fully to achieve your life’s dreams—and often times when you are stretched to your breaking point, those moments will reveal your true desire to achieve those goals. And the confidence that comes with achieving those goals, as they are often hard fought, is life-changing. He was so right. I was fortunate enough to have the experience of working for Dr. Wolfe for one summer—a summer that left an indelible print on who I am today.”

The Rev. Dr. Christopher M. Rankin ’01

The Rev. Dr. Christopher M. Rankin ’01 has given in honor of Dr. Mark Mecham, Dr. Philip Billings, and Rev. Dr. Darrell Woomer. Chris stated, “I am grateful for what I received during my time there—for me to give back in their honor and to help future generations is important. I’m grateful I chose LVC, and I’m grateful LVC chose me.”

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