Summer 2010

Welcome Barry Smith to the Department Faculty
Barry Smith comes to us from the University of California at Irvine, where he has held a postdoctoral position since 2007. Barry earned his PhD in Mathematics from the University of California at San Diego in 2007 in the area of number theory.

Barry introduces himself with these words. "I have loved teaching since my first tutoring job in the eighth grade. Having just completed a postdoctoral position at the University of California, Irvine, I am truly excited to be teaching in a small college setting and in LVC's extraordinarily strong mathematical sciences program in particular. My love of mathematics extends back to my earliest memories, stemming often from my fascination with patterns among the integers. I was distracted by chemistry and physics as an undergraduate, doing two and a half years of undergraduate research in physical chemistry, but my love of numbers eventually trumped my interest in hard science and led naturally into my graduate work in algebraic number theory. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family: wife Kelly, new baby Lilah, and cocker spaniel Bailey. In the small amount of free time that work and a new baby leaves me, I enjoy reading, martial arts, word games (especially boggle), cooking, and music appreciation (hopefully returning to music performance --- singing, piano, and drums). This is my first time living outside of Southern California, and I'm really looking forward to having four seasons!"

Welcome Barry, Kelly and Lilah!

LVC Mathematical Physics Has a Productive Year
Faculty leaders David Lyons (Mathematics) and Scott Walck (Physics) of the Mathematical Physics Research Groupmentored six students in summer 2010: Laura Snyder '11, Adam Hansell '11, Curt Cenci '11, Nathan Kearney '12, Chris Ulicny '12, and Ian Younker '12.

Lyons and Walck were awarded funding by the National Science Foundation for their proposal titled "RUI: Entanglement Classification via Stabilizers and Subsystem States." The grant will support their continued joint work with students for 2009--2012.

Curt Cenci '11 won one of 32 prizes out of 233 competitive national entries for his poster presentation, "Quantum Information and 1-Dimensional Stabilizers in Multiparty States" at the Mathematical Association of America Undergraduate Poster Session at the Joint Meetings of the Mathematical Association of America and the American Mathematical Society in San Francisco, January 2010. Congratulations, Curt!

In addition to Curt's poster, Snyder, Hansell, Walck, and Lyons all gave presentations at conferences this year. See the list of publications and presentations.

Recently, Lyons was awarded $2000 travel funding from the National Science Foundation to attend the International Conference on Quantum Information and Computation in Stockholm, October 2010.

Student-Faculty Research in Computer Science Launched
Ken Yarnall worked with Jon Sutowski '11 this last summer on a research project in software development. They co-wrote a C++ networking library, which will be beta-tested this semester by LVC computer science classes and released to the world at large at the beginning of 2011. This is the first of what we hope will be an annual summer program.

LVC Hosts Math Teachers
Mathematical Sciences faculty members Leigh Cobbs, Tim Dewald, and Mike Fry designed, developed, and delivered an intense and innovative two-week workshop in probability and statistics for 28 secondary math teachers from the Lancaster-Lebanon area. This program was the 2010 math content-deepening component of the Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 (IU-13)'s "Project ARRMS" (Achieving Rigor and Relevance in Math and Science), funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
The teachers engaged in activities ranging from computer labs to a private casino, from metrics of 18th-century rifles to statistical quality assurance in the manufacturer of rare-earth magnets used by NASA, from a trip to Ketterings to count ice cream flavor combinations to throwing peanuts in the shell off the balcony in Lynch to make random plane distributions.

The IU-13 project will continue in the coming school year with coaching, to help teachers improve the rigor and relevance of the probability and statistics in their secondary classes.

Participants included LVC alums Shane Thomas and Karen Kohr. Here is a group photo with Mike Fry left front row, Tim Dewald right front row, and Leigh Cobbs next to Tim.

Baltimore Area Alums Support Hearsey Scholarship
Special thanks go out to 1986 graduate Theresa Leatherbury for the wonderful evening in May at her home. A group of Baltimore area alumni shared wonderful Italian food and great memories. The evening helped raise awareness of the Hearsey Scholarship Fund which has been established to provide scholarships for actuarial science students at LVC. Bryan Hearsey offered his reflections: "As I look back on my career I am so grateful for the wonderful students I have been privileged to work with at LVC. I am excited as I learn that many of you are helping to ensure that future generations will also be able to benefit from the education that LVC offers. Information about the fund is available on the LVC website. Yes, those are great bell bottom pants-I am sorry Carolyn felt the need to discard them."

ActSci Career Day Grows in Popularity
LVC will host a career day for actuarial science on October 5th. The event has grown in popularity, with an increase from 2 employers just a few years ago, to 4 in 2009, to 8 or more this year. Expected participating employers are: Aetna, Chubb Personal Insurance, CIGNA, Coventry Health Care/HealthAmerica, Highmark, New York Life, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., the Hartford, and the PMA Insurance Group.

Youth Scholars
Patrick Brewer once again led a week-long program in actuarial science for 11 talented high schoolers during the Daniel Fox Youth Scholars Institute in summer 2010. Lisa Pfautz from Markley Actuarial Associates visited, as did Mike Ridler from Coventry. The group went on a field trip to Conrad Siegel.

Faculty News
Leigh Cobbs has finished her first year as the new "Dr. Cobbs." She's still not used to it. It was a year of firsts -- first job out of grad school, first time to take over an entire apartment plus an office for herself, first Math Olympics and High School Math Competition, first Dutchmen Day, first really snowy winter, first faculty meetings, first time interviewing other people for a job, first trip to Hershey Park, first ... lots of new things. Fortunately, the math department is still standing. In the summer Leigh immersed herself in probability and statistics by teaching the general education statistics course, playing with Tim and Mike and 28 high school teachers who were exploring statistics, and passing the first SOA exam on probability. She also had a blast at MathFest 2010 in Pittsburgh -- you, too can see a math video on YouTube that has merited nearly 1.75 million hits to date.

Bryan Hearsey On his rocky road to retirement Bryan Hearsey and wife Carolyn continue to try to take as many side trips as possible. "Over New Year's we traveled to London for ten days. Among the many highlights was New Year's Eve in Trafalgar Square. In May we took a three-week return trip to Italy. Yes, we did this the previous May also and it was even better this time. We ventured further south this time, to the Sorrento-Naples-Amalfi area, then headed North to Orvieto, Assisi, and Riomaggiore in the Cinque Terre. We completed the trip in Rome where among the highlights was an exhibition of 24 works by Caravaggio to celebrate his 400th birthday."

Here are photos from the Hearsey's May Italy trip.

David Lyons and wife Maria Howe had a travel adventure to Leeds, UK, for a quantum information conference in April 2010. During the middle of the conference week, the Iceland volcano event that shut down European airports happened. The most direct route home was to travel 1500 miles by train for almost 24 hours to Madrid, and fly home six days late. Thank goodness for travel insurance, which covered most of the extra costs, and thanks even more for excellent colleagues who took care of my classes while I was away! Here are a few photos. Lyons enjoyed another conference trip to Vancouver in July, where he got to operate a prototype quantum computer at D-Wave Systems.

Ken Yarnall spent his Spring 2010 sabbatical with his family in New Zealand, where his wife Mary Pettice was LVC's on-site study abroad director. Conor (10) and Mira (3) both enrolled in school and the whole family had a blast. Yarnall's sabbatical project laid the foundation for the recurring summer research program in software development that ran for the first time this summer when he returned.

Alumni News
(sorted by graduation year)

Bill Phifer '74 "My company (EDS) was recently acquired by Hewlett Packard. As part of the EDS-HP merger, my title changed to HP Fellow, but responsibilities remain about the same. I am still responsible for corporate strategies for quality and industry standards. I've continued speaking regularly at IT industry conferences and occasionally publish articles, including one this year in the Software Process Improvement & Productivity (SPIP) Journal co-authored with a colleague at Accenture entitled 'The Multiple Quality Models Paradox: How Much 'Best Practice' is Just Enough?'. I also lead a Financial Services Industry lead technologists community at HP. My (by this time fairly ancient) statistics lessons from LVC ('74) are still serving me well as I engage in 'high maturity' appraisals using the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model Integration (SEI CMMI); these involve quantitative methods for managing software and systems engineering projects. I also am a certified lead appraiser in this standard as well as the eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers from Carnegie Mellon University. Oh, and I can say that it's never too late to go back to school - I waited 30 years but completed my MBA in May 2008."

Tim Keister '03 "I appreciate the work [of the AfterMath newsletter] and the opportunity to keep in touch with friends, professors, and colleagues. The markets have provided enormous opportunity for risk management in the variable annuity business. Here at ING, the department has certainly been put to the test. Hedging the equity, interest, and credit of a VA portfolio in a market where all three converged downward is the best stress-test we've ever seen. I'm now a Quantitative Derivative Strategist leading a team of seven actuaries and financial engineers (quants). The companies still here and I'm gainfully employed, so we must have done something right. On the personal side, my fiance Dr. Thu-Thao Nguyen (Univ. of Sciences in Phil. USP) from the Hershey area, and I will be getting married this Spring. She'll be moving to Phoenixville with me, where we're looking forward to starting a family and performing psychological experiments on children :_)"

Darren Dusick '08 "Teaching is going great. This is the start of my second year and I love it. I teach both middle school 7th grade math, and AlgebraIII/Trigonometry in the high school, which is essentially Pre-Calculus. I am teaching at the high school I graduated from, so it's both interesting and kind of strange to be back."

Kris Miller '09 "I hope you semesters are going well. I just wanted to let all of you know that I just found I have been offered a position as a full time Math Teacher at Northern Lebanon High School. Hope the rest of your year goes well."

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