Fall 2006

Many alumni and friends have told us how much they enjoyed reading the last two editions of AfterMath. Thank you for the response and keep sending your news items.

Brewer Wins Vickroy Teaching Award
Following his earning the Crawford Teaching Award of the EPaDel section of Mathematical Association of America in April 2006 (see the spring 2006 issue of AfterMath), Patrick Brewer is the 2006 recipient of the Thomas Rhys Vickroy Award. As explained on LVC's news item web page, the Vickroy Award is "the College's highest teaching award for a full-time faculty member, which is voted on by the faculty and announced annually at Commencement... the winner of this award is the speaker at next year's Commencement." Dean Ronald Toll's citation quoted students who praised Patrick's devotion and effectiveness as a teacher.

Congratulations Patrick!

Lyons Earns National Science Foundation Grant
David Lyons and Scott Walck (Physics) have been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation for their ongoing work in quantum information science. Their NSF project is titled "RUI: Space of Multiparticle Entanglement Types, " where the acronym RUI stands for "Research at Undergraduate Institutions." The grant will fund faculty researchers and student research assistants for three years. Bob Schaeffer '07 and Dan Pitonyak '08 were the student assistants for summer 2006.

Read more about their interdisciplinary, collaborative faculty-student research on the Mathematical Physics web pages.

Faculty News
Chris Brazfield passed actuarial exam FM in spring 2006.

Mike Fry supervised three successful internships this summer, by rising senior Computer Science majors Pete Howells '07, Bryon Laird '07, and Scott Ferguson '07 . Pete interned with JP Morgan Chase in Camp Hill, Bryon with BroadCom in Lancaster, and Scott with Brandimation in Morrisville.

Bryan Hearsey was on sabbatical leave for spring semester 2006. He has spent this time studying financial economics to prepare for the recent modifications in the professional actuarial societies education and examination program. Unrelated to the sabbatical Dr. Hearsey and wife Carolyn spent the month of March in Australia and New Zealand. Dr. Hearsey attended the Actuarial Research Conference at the University of Montreal in August.

David Lyons: In collaboration with Richard Hammack of Virginia Commonwealth University, Lyons recently published "The Alternating Series Test--Visual Proof" in Oxford Journals Online: Teaching Mathematics and its Applications. The article appears in the July 2006 issue, Volume 25, Number 2.

The Howe-Lyons family had an eventful and fun summer at home, hosting a French exchange student, watching many hours of FIFA World Cup, and playing many hours of pickup ultimate frisbee and soccer with the local neighborhood and LVC summer resident crowd.

Joerg Mayer (emeritus): "I am still writing reviews for CHOICE magazine, a publication of the American Library Association. The books range all over the place from lightweights that fit only on a coffee table (that one was published by the MAA and their editor complained sorely to my editor at the ALA, denigrating my mathematical knowledge and reviewing savvy. Problem was, that I had pointed out an error which illuminated the carefree writing, the editor took me to task `Moreover, the reviewer, who presumably is trained in mathematics, surely does not mean to imply that the author uses the law of cosines to prove the Pythagoras theorem' and I cited the sentence where the author had done exactly that) to Chaos theory, both mathematical and for the general public, including one which described a society on one of the moons of Jupiter (I think) which was entirely governed by non-linear principles. Wonderful book. A great biography of Tarski, a book on `Xevents', another one `Euclid in the rain forest'. Normally 5 books a year, but less this year so far."

Mark Townsend and wife Judy looking forward to a wedding in Taipei, Taiwan during Thanksgiving break. Brian, Judy's son, is marrying a young lady he met while working for Ernst and Young out of Taipei. Brian has since moved to Frankfurt, but German immigration procedures will apparently prevent his bride's moving to Germany until a couple of months after the wedding!

Alumni News
(sorted by graduation year)

Frederick Frantz '43: "I graduated from LVC in 1943 with a major in Math and minors in physics and chemistry. After serving as a Naval Reserve weatherman for 3 years, I got a Master's degree in physics at the Univ. of PA, Philadelphia. For 6 years I worked at the old Bureau of Standards in Washington,D.C. Because Nuclear Reactors seemed to be a coming industry, I joined Westinghouse and stayed with them for 31 years. During that time I worked in several divisions involved in applied research for Naval ships, aerospace rockets and large central station plants of a future design."

John (Jack) Gregory '66: "After teaching high school for four years, then getting my doctorate at Ohio State, I will be completing my 35th year teaching here at the University of Florida. I plan to retire and keep active on my Christmas tree farm (yes, they do raise Christmas trees in Florida!). My accomplishments are 11 books, numerous articles, over 300 workshop presentations, and foreign travel to have folks in the American schools in Greece, Pakistan and India learn more about mathematics education. I am indebted to Barney Bissinger and Pete Henning for their sharing of their wealth of knowledge with me at the Valley."

Karen (Nester) Schmitt '80: "I've had a couple of positions since graduating in 1980, but the most recent, since 1999 is with GMAC Re, a subsidiary of GMAC which focuses on reinsurance, with premium writings of about $700 million. I am the Executive Vice President and Chief Actuary and have responsibility for our treaty production units as well as the actuarial department. On a personal note, I remarried in 1997, have two grown children, ages 27 and 23. My classmates may remember my son, Josh, as an occasional visitor to the classroom during my senior year, and Dr. Hearsey may remember that he returned to participate in the summer actuarial internship program a number of years ago. Josh became a father last month, so I very happily answering to the name Grandma these days.....I went back to school a couple of years ago and completed the Executive MBA program at Wharton. What an amazing experience!! "

Jason Clay '04: "I found out I passed CAS Exam 7 in late June, which made me eligible to become an ACAS. If all goes well with my application I will officially be an ACAS sometime in August. Other than that I'm slowly moving up the ranks at The Hartford Company. I guess my new title will be Actuarial Associate and now I have recruiters calling me like once a week. If any LVC alum are looking for jobs there are plenty LVC alum up in the Hartford area and we'd love to have 'em. Anyways, I guess in summary I'd like to let readers of Aftermath that I recently attainted my ACAS and am still working at The Hartford."

Nick Hamblet '04: "I received my Masters in math from UVa this spring. This summer I attended a conference on the calculus of functors, held in Lens, France. This also gave me an opportunity to wander around France for a while. After returning from France, I adopted two kittens from the local SPCA. This fall I will continue my studies at UVa, working toward a Ph.D."

Justin Albert '05
: "I bought a house in West Hartford, and have been living there for over a month now. Also, I got a puppy (American Eskimo - Poddle mix) just last week. He is a handful, but is the sweetest animal ever. Those two things have taken any free time that I may have had in between exams!"

Kristen Augustine '05: "I currently work for Beyer-Barber Company, an actuarial consulting firm in Allentown, PA. I work on defined benefit pension plans, preparing actuarial valuation reports and government form filings. This past May I passed Exam P and I am beginning to study the material for the next exam."

Jeff Slomski '06: "I'm currently working for ING U.S. Financial Services in Hartford, within their Asset/Liability Management area. Specifically I work in the modeling team to simulate our retirement services business and determine our risk position in future years. I just passed Course M this past May so I'm done with the preliminary exams and I'll be sitting for the FAP 1&2 exams hopefully in January."

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