Student's Total Cost of Attendance

2017-2018 Residential International Commuter Off-campus
Tuition $40,990 $40,990  $40,990 $40,990
Fees $1,190 $1,190  $1,070 $1,070
Room  $5,520 $5,520 $1,350  $3,500
Board  $5,940 $5,940  $1,055  $3,600
Books $1,150 $1,150  $1,150  $1,150
Transportation $900 $900 $1,500 $1,100
Personal $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500
Average Stafford Loan Fees $82 __ $82 $82
TOTAL $57,272 $57,190  $48,697 $52,992


Books and supplies, transportation, personal expenses, and average loan fees* will not appear on the bill, but these estimates will be included in the total cost of attendance in determining your financial aid eligibility. Actual amounts of these expenses will depend on the coursework you take, your personal spending habits, and the distance between LVC and your home.

Books and supplies purchased at the College Store can be charged to the student account and with completion of the Title IV Federal Student Aid Authorization form, financial aid can be used to cover these costs.

*Loan Fees - This is an average amount of the 1.068% origination (up front) fee charged to students who borrow the Federal Direct Stafford Loan. It is deducted at the time of disbursement. An average fee is included in the cost of attendance to allow the borrower to receive/borrow other sources of aid to help offset this cost.

While you will be billed for each of the two semesters separately (July and November respectively), we advise that your plan for your entire academic year expenses at one time.


Billing Information

Fall semester

Bills mailed by: July 5, 2017

Bills due: Aug. 7, 2017

Spring semester

Bills mailed by: Nov. 21, 2017

Bills due: Jan. 2, 2018


When considering financing options, you may choose the monthly payment plan, a loan, or a combination of both.