Army National Guard (ARNG) and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA): Provides financial assistance to part-time ARNG and AGR soldiers. For more information, visit

  • Eligible the day the member joins the service.
  • Officers must serve 4 years following completion.
  • Enlisted soldiers must remain in the ARNG during the term of courses.
  • Members receiving ROTC scholarship are not eligible.
  • Benefit: 100% of tuition (capped at $250 per semester hour and $4500 per fiscal year)
  • A student who is eligible for MGIB - Selected Reserve (CH 1606) or MGIB- Active Duty (CH 30) may also use FTA, but the two benefits may not be applied towards the same course(s). MGIB-SR must be enrolled at least 1/2 time to use both benefits.
  • MGIB-AD participants drawing kicker benefits are not eligible for FTA.


FTA contact information:

Federal Tuition Assistance Mgr: (717) 861-9238

GI Bill Manager: (717) 861-2717

Incentives (Bonus) Manager: (717) 861-8213

Department of Military & Veterans Affairs


Annville, PA 17003-5002

Phone: 717-861-2717 or (800) 634-1790

Fax: 717-861-9200

DSN phone: 491-9238 DSN FAX: 491-9239