A student performs a piano piece at the Summer Music Camp

Learn from the Best

July 8–13, 2018

Come join us for a fun and exciting week of musical exploration. This camp is all about fun, making new friends, and exploring the world of music!

Junior High Resident Resident ($500/wk) and Commuter ($360/wk) Camp | Senior High Resident ($660/wk) and Commuter ($460/wk) Camp

You are invited to experience a week of learning, connecting, and performing with members of Lebanon Valley College's music faculty. Campers will participate in a primary concentration, secondary concentration, and electives.

Participants will have the opportunity to attend musicianship and master classes taught by acclaimed concert artists, composers, and conductors. Private lessons will be available with LVC's music faculty. Evening activities will include a picnic, Hersheypark, swimming, and other fun activities.

Camp rehearsals and classes are from 8am-5pm, Monday through Thursday. Commuters can be dropped off starting at 7:40am and should be picked up by 5:30pm, unless attending evening activities. All campers arrive Sunday afternoon and have activities through 9pm.  Performances are held Friday morning and afternoon.  Campers are dismissed after all performances conclude (approx. 3:30pm).


There is a Junior High and Senior High Camp:

Primary Concentrations include:

Concert Band (Junior and Senior High)
The Concert Band is an ensemble of wind and percussion instruments performing traditional wind band repertoire, as well as new 21st century compositions. The goal of the ensemble is to expand the knowledge of each student to wind band repertoire and to achieve an artistic level of individual and ensemble performance.

String Ensemble (Junior and Senior High)

The String Ensemble offers students a fun and focused experience. You will learn new pieces and explore playing different genres, including standard classical repertoire, Blues improv, rock/pop, and fiddling. There are opportunities for solo performances and playing in chamber ensembles. Have an electric string instrument or want to try one out (violin, viola, cello and 5 string violin)? We will explore the uses of electric string instruments in practice and performance. Electric instruments will be made available.

Choir (Junior and Senior High)

Choir provides the opportunity for vocalists to continue their choral development through a significant singing experience. Experiences will range from small vocal chamber ensembles to a full choir. Repertoire will include classical, jazz, and musical theatre.

Jazz, Rock, and Blues (keyboard, guitar, bass, and percussion) (Senior High)

In a hands on, small, group environment, you will work in different styles and settings. Expand you knowledge of chord theory, scales for improvisation and comping. This is an upbeat and fun way to develop your chops. Jam sessions, song writing, and small group instruction.

Piano Primary (Classical, and/or Jazz) (Senior High)

In this exciting and unique experience, you will learn from Dr. Eric Fung, an award-winning pianist and a graduate of both Eastman and Juilliard Schools of Music.  Pianists will have the opportunity to learn and perform solo and ensemble repertoire. There will also be modules addressing issues in piano playing, such as Oh no... Bach: Can Bach be enjoyable, You don’t want to fight with nature: How to play piano efficiently, and You are in: How to prepare for college auditions. 

Students practice at the Senior High Music Camp

Senior High School Music Camp

Students entering grades 9-12 are invited to be a part of the Lebanon Valley College Senior High Music Camp. The camp offers residential and commuter options. The cost for resident campers is $660/wk, and $460/wk for commuter campers.

Students perform a musical piece at the junior high music camp

Junior High School Music Camp

Students entering grades 6-8 are invited to attend Lebanon Valley College's Junior High Music Day Camp. The camp offers residential and commuter options. The cost for resident campers is $500/wk, and $360/wk for commuter campers.