Waterfalls are one of many sights to see in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The capital city of Buenos Aires is home to nearly 40 percent of the Argentine population making the "Paris of the Americas" a city of more than 13 million. Buenos Aires built its identity on Spanish, Italian, and French influences, which appear in the grand boulevards and magnificent architecture. Students can trek to the Andes mountains in the west, explore the beaches to the east, the famous Iguazu Falls in the north and the mythical Patagonia in the south. Students can fulfill six-nine credits of Spanish language classes, the foreign language general education requirement, and take Latin American culture classes taught in English. 

There is a mandatory set of pre-departure orientations at LVC for all students planning to participate in the program. Students also attend an on-site orientation at the Fundación Jose Ortega y Gasset. 



Program Details

Housing and Meals

Students live in a home-stay arrangement. Breakfast and dinner are provided by the home stay family. Students are responsible for lunch. 


Students attend the Fundación Jose Ortega y Gasset where Spanish language courses are offered at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Students can enroll in six to nine credits of Spanish language course and two to three course taught in English for a maximum of 17 credits. 


  • LVC tuition and fees 
  • LVC room and partial board charges 

Travel, food, and personal expenses are NOT included in these fees. Fees subject to change. 


Spring Semester Only 

  • Applications should be received by October 15. 
  • $25 program deposit is due with application. * 
  • Accepted students will owe $475 program deposit by the application deadline * 
  • Packet of forms is due by November 15. 
  • Length of stay: Mid-January to early May
  • Approximately 15 credits

* The $500 program deposit will be credited to the student's account in the Business Office for the start of the off-campus semester. The $500 deposit will be forfeited on student withdrawal from the program. 

Language of Instruction

English and Spanish 

Eligibility Requirements

Students from any major who are in good academic (2.5 GPA) and social standing may apply. 

Group Excursions

Several planned tours and day trips are included in your tuition. Destinations include San Isidro, Tigre, San Antonio de Areco, Luján, and Colonia, Uruguay. Students also attend cultural fairs in Buenos Aires.