Get Global

Caitlin Murphy, assistant director of global education, and Theresa Messenger '18 offer a unique perspective on the benefits of studying abroad with LVC.

ARGENTINA | Buenos Aires

Learn and experience the Spanish language while surrounded by other students in the heart of this city. You can fulfill LVC's language requirement through beginner, intermediate, or advanced Spanish courses and take Latin American culture classes taught in English. Spring Semester

AUSTRALIA | Melbourne

This adventurous program offers students the opportunity to take courses equivalent to their LVC major, minor, and Constellation LVC requirements. Students take classes and live at Monash University. Fall Semester

CHINA | Shanghai

This program offers students the opportunity to take an introductory Mandarin language course, combined with relevant Chinese contextual courses and a valuable internship with a multinational company. Students live on the campus of Eastern China Normal University in Shanghai. Fall or Spring Semester

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC | Santiago or Santo Domingo

This program offers students in any major, who have completed coursework in Spanish at the intermediate-level plus one advanced Spanish course, the opportunity to participate in a total immersion cultural experience, including living in homes of local residents. Two locations in the Dominican Republic are offered for study: Santo Domingo or Santiago. A service-learning course is available for those interested in more intensive community engagement. Fall or Spring Semester

ENGLAND | London

Learn about the history, politics, and culture of London and England at its source–living in a flat in the heart of London. Students choose course offerings from the London Kingston University to complete major, minor, Constellation LVC, and elective requirements at LVC. Fall Semester

FRANCE | Montpellier

This program for students with varying abilities in French is taught at the University of Montpellier in France. All courses are taught in French at your current level of preparation. Your home stay arrangement will be another key to successful living in Montpellier. Fall or Spring Semester

GERMANY | Berlin

This program is offered to students in any major who have completed at least one year of college-level German language. Students will enroll in a minimum of 8 credits of German language classes and additional elective classes instructed in English. A home stay living arrangement will assist in improving your German language proficiency. Fall or Spring Semester

ITALY | Perugia

This program offers all majors an education at the Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy. At Umbra, students study throughout Italy sampling the many treasures of the great cities. It is difficult to think of a more suitable backdrop for study abroad in Italy. The academic program is taught in the American university tradition and is composed of two parts–a compulsory Italian language component that may fulfill the language requirement at LVC and an elective component composed of courses taught at the Institute. Fall or Spring Semester

NEW ZEALAND | Hamilton

This program is located at the University of Waikato and is open to students in any major or concentration. You'll take four classes at the university, but all of New Zealand will be your classroom as you explore the diverse sights and wonders of this beautiful island nation. Fall or Spring Semester


This program offers audio & music production majors the opportunity to fulfill major and Constellation LVC requirements at Queen's University, located in a safe area of Northern Ireland's capital city. Belfast is rich in Irish and British cultural heritage, which provides our students with a unique educational experience. Spring Semester

SPAIN | Valladolid

This program, for Spanish majors and non-majors, is centered in the northern regional capital city of Valladolid. Students will take Spanish-instructed classes at the Universitas Castellae in Spanish literature, history, and culture, and live in Spanish-speaking homes. Fall or Spring Semester