GoFirst to Quebec

Go abroad before you even start classes with our GoFirst! program.

Domestic Semester Programs   

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This fall or spring semester program allows you to take courses at the Philadelphia Center while actively participating in an academic internship in the workplace. This collaborative plan promotes intellectual and professional development while providing an avenue for career exploration.

Washington, D.C.

This fall or spring program allows students to secure an internship in the government or non-government sectors of our capitol city. Take advantage of hundreds of internship placement options, undertake a tremendous personal growth experience, and live and learn in one of the most dynamic cities in the U.S.

International Summer Programs

Canada | Quebec City

This August program offers the opportunity for incoming first-year LVC students to travel with college faculty and a select group of other incoming students during the summer before their first year. Participation is open to students in any major. Students earn three (3) LVC credits in this two-week French language and cultural immersion experience.

England | London

Dr. Sharon Davis, assistant professor of music and director of music education, will teach a course titled MED 390: A Comparitive Study of Music Education. The 3 week course will allow students to observe music programs in the U.K. that have implemented the Musical Futures approach to learning music. Through this process, students will experience, hands-on learning and analyze the differences between informal and formal learning processes and their application to the music classrooms. Students will learn through in-class instruction, host school visits for teaching observations, and excursions to museums and popular tourist attractions.

England | Ormskirk

For education majors only (early childhood and secondary education). Students will enroll in the LVC faculty leader’s EDU 450 course, Teaching the Young Adolescent, Aged 10-15, at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, England and earn 3 writing process course credits. Students will learn through in-class instruction, host school visits for teaching observations, and excursions to museums and popular tourist attractions.

Germany | Wurzburg

This four-week summer program is offered to students in any major who have completed at least two years of college-level German language. Students will complete four credits of an advanced German course taught by an LVC German language professor.

Netherlands | Maastricht

This 3.5-week summer program offers students in any major the opportunity to complete six credits of coursework. Students choose one of two courses taught by LVC faculty leaders: Business in the European Union or Human Rights. Students also enroll in an Intercultural Communications course taught by a Dutch faculty member. Excursions to the European Union Parliament building, the Hague, and local businesses are included.

Spain | Barcelona

Dr. Michael, Pittari, Professor of Art and Art History, will serve as instructor of a course that will immerse students in the art and culture of Barcelona, Spain. Topics will include the architectural evolution of the city from its ancient origins to the present, the development of the Modern Art movement in the work of artists such as Picasso and Dali, and the aesthetic of Barcelona as a global center of cultural tourism. The course will be instructed in English. No prior knowledge of Spanish language or art history is required.