Open Majors at LVC work closely with their advisors and staff to discover their interests

About The Program

It’s ok to be unsure!

If you are unsure of what you are going to major in, you’re not alone. In fact, many first-year students (roughly 12 percent of our first-year students) hold an “open” major, meaning they haven’t yet decided what they want to pursue. Many students take time to further explore their interests or test the waters in new academic areas. At LVC, you have options.

We even offer a first-year seminar called “Got Major?” where you will be introduced to many of the academic majors available at LVC through applied learning and other career-oriented experiences. You will be encouraged to explore majors in discussions with faculty and exposed to career paths through self-assessment tools, readings, and informational interviews. There are opportunities to evaluate your interests and explore possibilities that match by making connections with career professionals. 

An internship could open you to a career in business or a semester in France or Italy might lead you to a love of art history. No matter what you decide, our programs will help you gain skills that employers seek, preparing you for whatever career path you choose. At The Valley, our advisors will work closely with you to build a course of study and answer whatever questions you might have. Be open to the possibilities.

Why LVC?

  • Some students know what they are interested in but want to test the waters before declaring a major. Others know they will encounter new subjects and ideas in college and want to explore various disciplines before deciding on a focus. The close, personal relationships you develop with the LVC faculty will help you choose the career path that is best for you.
  • Regardless of your reasons for being undecided, your advisor will work closely with you to build a course of study and answer whatever questions you might have. Your professors will be a resource as you explore.
  •  All first-semester students participate in a first-year experience (FYE), a four-credit 16-student class based around a theme and co-curricular component focused on the transition to college. Recent themes include Sustainability, Sports and Society, and Got Major?, the latter which can help you find the ideal career path.
  • LVC offers extensive student support services, such as the Center for Career Development, to help students succeed, whatever their personal interests.  
  • LVC’s common learning experience, Constellation LVC, is an innovative approach to the core curriculum. It enables every student to build their own constellation, making linkages across and between bodies of knowledge. The course you chart through our immersive curricular cosmos will be your own bold and inventive exploration.
  • An experiential learning opportunity, whether an internship, student-faculty research project, or study abroad experience could provide important perspective as you choose a major.
  • Not all credits required for graduation are devoted to a specific major; many are elective courses, which allow students tremendous freedom to explore various disciplines.

My time studying abroad in Spain really ignited my passion for living abroad and developing my understanding of the world. From that point forward, I knew I wanted to pursue a career that would require speaking multiple languages, working across cultures, constantly adapting to new situations.

Individualized Major, Labour Migration Project Coordinator, International Organization for Migration, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Dustin Kerns ’09