About The Program

Music has been recognized as a special strength of the institution and is at the core of the LVC liberal arts education. Walking through the Bertha Brossman Blair Music Center, you will notice the constant buzz of rehearsals, performances, recording, and classes. All of the College’s music degrees emphasize immersive experiences as well as sensitive and critical listening skills, composing, performance, and the role of music throughout history and in contemporary society.

The Music Business Degree is an interdisciplinary degree with a mixture of classes in the Music and Business Departments designed to teach students all aspects of how to make a living in the music industry. With an entrepreneurial emphasis, students learn about topics including publishing, management, marketing, accounting, economics, record labels, touring, and intellectual property. By blending classes from the Music Business degree and the Audio Music Production degree, students will fully understand the process of making and marketing of a recording product, from conception to market. 

While at The Valley, students have the unique opportunity to work with a student-created and operated Limited Liability Corporation, VALE Music Group. VALE Music Group is comprised of four branches: VALE Records, VALE Conference, VALE Live, and VALE Publishing. Creating and hosting the yearly VALE Media Industries Conference, booking live events, promoting the music catalog, and finding artists to record and market, allow students to be immersed in real-world experience of how the music industry works. Not only does this prepare our students, it also provides a strong portfolio of work for graduates to showcase to potential employers.

Why LVC?

  • The LVC Music Business Program is recognized by music industry professionals as an established and impressive program.
  • The synergy between the Music Business and Audio & Music Production programs provides a unique setting in which those who will market music products are in classes with those who will create the music.
  • Music business majors are required to intern after their junior year. Students have interned nationwide for large-corporate and small-cottage music businesses, including the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, Big Machine Label Group, EMI, The Syndicate Entertainment Marketing Agency, and more. Read weekly reports from previous interns.
  • The Music Business Program is designed to better prepare graduates for the rapidly changing music industry. Many students double major with digital communications to broaden their skill set and marketability.
  • The combination of VALE Music Group, music performance, studio recording, learning principles of successful businesses, and an internship best prepares our students to take advantage of opportunities, and to be leaders, visionaries, and assets for any enterprise they may engage.
  • Music business majors will exhibit proficiency in piano and voice through a series of courses that enable graduates to become more effective leaders and managers in the industry.

It was the combination of expert guidance from the professors in the music program, the critical thinking skills I gained from a liberal arts education, and the freedom to learn the recording studio on my own time that laid the foundation for me to make a living in the music industry.

Tour Manager for Art Garfunkel

Matt Craig ’09

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