Martin Groff visited Germany as part of an LVC Study Abroad program

About The Program

As a German major, you will gain a competitive edge by developing a comprehensive and practical understanding of the German language. You’ll develop an appreciation of the history, culture, and customs of countries in the German-speaking world by working alongside highly qualified professors and by participating in the program’s extensive range of study abroad opportunities.

Our study abroad program is designed for students with varying abilities in German and are located in Berlin (full semester) and Würzburg. This experience enables students to improve their language skills and broaden their perspectives by immersing themselves in the culture.

Why LVC?

  • Studying German at LVC will help you learn about contemporary life and have access to the culture, history, politics, literature, music, and art of other societies.
  • Majoring or minoring in German, combined with a business- or science-oriented field, will help assure success in the evolving world economy and in today’s highly competitive international job market.
  • If you are interested in elementary or secondary education, you will find that additional certification in a language significantly enhances employment opportunities.
  • LVC’s language clubs add further understanding of language and culture through dinners, films, plays, traditional cultural dancing, and field trips.
  • German majors and minors are competitive candidates for several LVC grants for study abroad, research, or internships. A 2016 graduate received funding to study with his faculty in Canada, Germany, and Mexico.
  • LVC’s Languages Department endeavors to produce graduates who are prepared to engage the diverse, multicultural, and multilingual world in their places of employment, graduate school, and their communities.

LVC pushed me to better myself as a whole person. I may have majored in languages, but also learned music, business, religion, and science along the way.

English and German double major, master’s degree, University of Southern California, Communications Professional, Nationally Recognized University

Craig Layne ’05

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