Accounting Club

The Accounting Club is a student organization for all accounting majors. The goals are to provide a means for accounting majors to further their knowledge of and interest in accounting. They have made many field trips to local business, such as Harley Davidson, Fulton Bank, Pepperidge Farms, and Crayola. They run a Stock Market Game, open to all students, with prizes for winners. In addition, they have brought in speakers, helped with department activities (Career Day, Mentoring Program, Etiquette Seminar), and sponsored an interviewing workshop.

Phi Kappa Pi

Phi Kappa Pi, the Business and Economics Department honor society, is open to business, accounting, and economics majors. Selection is made by department faculty. Membership is open to those with junior or senior status, a department GPA of 3.4 or higher, and a College GPA of 3.25 or higher. Candidates for membership must also exhibit participation in department, college, or community activities demonstrating leadership and non-academic involvement.

VALE Music Group

VALE Music Group is an umbrella company consisting of four sub brands: VALE Records, VALE Media Industries Conference, VALE Live, and VALE Publishing. These student run organizations are available to anyone interested in gaining experience in the music industry, marketing, videography, event planning, public relations, music recording, production, finance, sales, and design. Each brand is expansive and gives students the ability to use their talents in multiple different ways in a fast-paced environment.