Ken Yarnell, professor of mathematical sciences, discusses a program with his students

About The Program

Our Computer & Data Science Program emphasizes computer programming while helping students develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Early on, students put theory into practice through extra-curricular involvement and real-world applications, which helps students become proficient in many areas and enables them to be creative and adaptable in a variety of roles.

We encourage students to pursue software development and paid internships, which leads to a virtual 100% employment offer rate for our graduates. Recent graduates have gone on to work for AT&T, GE, Hershey Foods, IBM, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Why LVC?

  • The software industry has moved beyond the traditional undergraduate computer science curriculum, with distributed systems and data analytics taking center stage. At LVC, we have re-imagined the entire experience, from coursework to co-curricular professional experiences, creating a unique program that prepares students for careers in modern software development while maintaining a strong liberal arts core.
  • Technology, particularly software and software development, has evolved dramatically, making the acquisition and analysis of data at speeds and in quantities unimaginable a few years ago. We developed our computer & data science curriculum in direct response to these rapid changes, which make the traditional undergraduate computer science curriculum obsolete.
  • There are a few undergraduate programs in computational data science in the U.S.—it is a quickly growing field with tremendous opportunity. Our computer & data science program stands alone, though, in its combination of the power of a liberal arts education and careful attention to the ideas and experiences that a modern software professional needs. We are proud of what we created, and excited by the opportunities it presents to our students.


The faculty’s emphasis on teaching us how to comprehend and analyze paid off in my internship and in my current position as a systems analyst doing software integration at Scientific Research Corporation in Charleston, S.C. I am regularly complimented regarding my ability to learn and adapt quickly.

Double major in computer science and mathematics

Mary Kate Lemon ’15