An LVC science student conducts research in one of the many labs on campus

About The Program

Our Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BCMB) Program provides a solid foundation in the life sciences and helps students develop an understanding of the processes of life at the molecular level. Research is an integral part of our program—engaging in genuine research makes all the difference in truly understanding science and how experimentation contributes to useful knowledge.

Students benefit from the state-of-the-art Neidig-Garber Science Center, with dedicated research laboratories and equipment to carry out advanced experimentation for each respective discipline (some students even begin before the start of their freshman year through Research First). While at LVC, our students achieve measurable outcomes: they present their work at professional meetings, publish articles in scientific journals, and attend some of the nation’s best graduate and professional schools.

Why LVC?

  • The LVC Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Program, jointly administered by the Biology and Chemistry departments, encourages students to develop strong backgrounds in biology and chemistry, while still giving students flexibility and choices to follow their interests.
  • LVC’s upper-level elective courses in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Program enable our students to custom tailor their individual degrees for a variety of career or post-graduate options.
  • LVC’s Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Program is nationally known for its strong student-faculty research emphasis with opportunities available during the summer and academic year. 
  • In the last 12 years, seven LVC biochemistry & molecular biology graduates have received prestigious National Institutes of Health Post-baccalaureate Fellowships.
  • Biochemistry & molecular biology majors interested in pursuing graduate studies in dentistry, medicine, osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, physician’s assistant, podiatric medicine, or veterinary medicine are guided by our faculty-led Health Professions Committee. This committee learns about your individual goals, develops a plan to help you achieve these goals, and guides you through the application and testing process, even conducting mock interviews to prepare you for actual professional school interviews.
  • LVC biochemistry & molecular biology majors often present their research at professional meetings, nationwide, and some publish articles in scientific journals.
  • Each faculty member in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Program has a dedicated research laboratory with equipment and instrumentation to carry out advanced experimentation in their discipline.

“I love the sciences and I really love chemistry, but my dad told me that taking biochem was like combining the two and learning the best of both worlds. I was able to meet many of the science faculty before enrolling, which confirmed LVC as my top choice.”

Ciara Marshall '18, Allwein Scholar

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