Audio & Music Production students have the opportunity to mix music at recording studios on campus

About The Program

Play. Record. Sell.

You love music. You love audio and production. You'd like to make money, right? That's what we do at LVC, and we've been doing it a long time. 

Develop your skills as a musician and a recording engineer. Learn how the business works while running our in-house record label, VALE Music Group. Become totally immersed in the music industry as you play with other fantastic musicians and work on a wide variety of projects in our studios. Learn about all the different career options you'll have that you didn't even know exist. 

Why LVC?

  • You'll be an audio engineer when you graduate. You can't just take a couple of classes — it takes four years of deep immersion with lots of coursework, projects, and experiences. You want to learn audio? No have to work at it, but it's fun and we'll do it together. 
  • As a freshman, you’ll immediately start your recording classes, mixing tracks the very first week of school. Over the four years you'll have complete access to all our studio, which are open all day for you to practice. 
  • You get to work with quality, industry-standard equipment. After 25-plus years we've built a substantial collection of microphones, signal processing, consoles, and software. Analog? You bet— record and mix onto vintage multitrack tape. There's nothing like it. And it's all there for you to play with. 
  • Go deep and enjoy fifteen audio-related courses including studio recording, mastering, digital media, AV design & integration, game audio, live sound, acoustics, and sound design. And then go off somewhere to intern with a company of your choosing. 
  • Everybody's interests are different, so in addition to the core audio and music program, branch out with more music theory, composition, business, physics, graphic and web design, whatever. You can easily add a minor or just explore along the way. 

Want to know more? 

Set up a visit through our Admission office. We'll be glad to show you around. 

Come to our annual Vale Media Conference, held the Saturday before Thanksgiving. You'll learn from a number professionals who share their stories and give demonstrations. 

Don't forget the audition! It's a music degree, so you must play or sing and have a basic knowledge of music theory. Read more about the audition here

While working in the studios on campus, I was able to grasp the important elements of signal flow. No studio I’ve ever been to has been identical to the last, but the basic concepts never change, and are instrumental when troubleshooting or learning a new system.

Recording Engineer, DreamWorks Animation

Tighe Sheldon ’07

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