Bachelor of Arts with a major in art & visual culture

Requirements: Professional Focus and Portfolio Development:

Each student will work with our faculty to establish a customized major plan based on their academic interests and career goals. As the student progresses through the program, they will need to identify through the advising process a Professional Focus (PF). By the junior year, students will need to have defined his or her vocational or graduate focus.

Examples of Professional Focus (PF):

  • Studio Artist
  • Art Historian
  • Design Artist
  • Curator
  • Museum Director
  • Arts Manager
  • Art Therapist
  • Art Teacher
  • Art Conservationist
  • Art Journalist
  • Architect or Landscape Architect

Evidence of the student's Professional Focus is developed in the student's portfolio. Where possible, the student will orientate projects completed in class toward his or her professional focus and showcase those projects in their portfolio.