Analytical finance students collaborate on a group project

Graduate Success

Job opportunities for financial professionals exist at banks, investment firms, large corporations, and at federal and state governments. LVC’s Analytical Finance Program provides students with the necessary background in finance, math, accounting, and economics to begin a career in this field. Previous LVC finance majors have obtained positions at firms such as The Hershey Company, Unilever, and FTI Consulting.

Across all majors in the Mathematical Sciences Department, our graduates have a near 100% job offer rate for positions that require their major expertise.

Math and Theatre Guide Rob Fisette's Career Path

Rob Fisette traveled a winding road from The Valley through Chicago and then on to Seattle where he now works as an actuary.

Amber Keeseman ’11 Builds on Individualized Major with Investment Company

Lebanon Valley College students immerse themselves in four years of rigorous study of their specific interest, but often the internship experience solidifies and synthesizes the skills learned in the classroom.