2017 Fall Schedule

MME 802.91 Research Methods in Music Education (3 credits)

October 23 - December 15     Online 

A study in the organization, presentation, interpretation, and documentation of research that makes use of encyclopedias, indices, databases, and other aids. Core requirement

MME 890.91 Re-evaluating Curriculum for Relevance through Reflection (3 credits) and Review

October 23 - December 15     Online

Curriculum is not always a topic that inspires us. It often ends up as a written document that you cannot find and do not refer to. How can some reflection on curricular matters invigorate your teaching? Take time to look closely at what the Stakeholders want you to be teaching, what you ARE teaching, and HOW you are teaching it. Expect to take responsibility for tailoring the course to your particular age group and teaching assignment. Teachers who are not active in a classroom may need to be in contact with someone who IS so that they can gain access to a printed curriculum. Participants may wish to locate their own formal written curriculum as a resource before beginning the course.