Wednesday, March 21—LVC Closed

LVC will be CLOSED for Wednesday, March 21 with no day or evening classes.

  1.  Section I
    1.  President’s Innovation Fund Proposal (title of proposal)
    2.  Designate Category of Funding (from above)
    3.  Proposal Sponsor(s) (include email addresses)
  2.  Section II
    1.  Project Description (not to exceed 1,000 words, double spaced)
    2.  Timeline for Project (approved funds must be spent between start and end dates)
    3.  Credentials, previous experience, and/or related experience of participants that might contribute to the project’s probability of success
  3. Section III
    1. Impact statement (predicted impact for students/faculty, department/program, and the College)
    2. What is distinctive about this project/proposal?
    3. How and why is this project/proposal different from what we are already doing or have done?
    4. How might the project/proposal be sustained after initial funding? 
  4. Section IV
    1. Assessment
    2. What are the goals and predicted outcomes of the project?
    3. How will the project/proposal be assessed?
    4. Description of Final Report or Project
    5. Final Report (e.g., results, assessment of outcomes, impact on students/faculty/department/program or College)
    6. Final Product (e.g., document, course, program, installation, presentation)
  5.  Section V
    1.  Budget—should include, but is not limited to, the following:
    2.  Student compensation at $10 per hour (include hours per week and number of weeks. Taxes are deducted from compensation).
    3.  Student room and/or board for summer (calculate using $141 per week for room and $141 per week for board—include total number of weeks)
    4.  Faculty stipends or release time (taxes are deducted from stipend awards)
    5.  Guest speakers/consultants/clinicians
    6.  Travel (should include appropriate breakdown; transportation, food, and lodging)
    7.  Resources for presentations, installations, and special programming
    8.  Equipment/software (items in this category become property of the College)
    9.  Total Estimated Budget


Criteria for Awarding Funds

  • Substance and quality of proposal in defining and articulating the pedagogical and/or disciplinary basis of the project or program
  • Articulation of appropriate goals, outcomes, and plan for assessment
  •  Potential impact on students/programs/campus
  • Viability of budget
  • Practicality of timeline


Submission of Application

  • Submit electronically to Carol Hanosek



  • Geoffrey Roche, vice president of strategic initiatives and secretary of the College
  • Michael Green, vice president of academic affairs and dean of the faculty