2016 Arnold Grant Internship Awards


Hannah Dieringer ’17

Business Administration and Art & Art History Double Major

Delaware Art Museum—Summer Domestic Internship

Dieringer interned with the Education Department at the Delaware Art Museum in summer 2016. She worked on educational programs in the museum and participated in outreach programs at libraries, schools, and parks with the goal of making art accessible to everyone. Dieringer is interested in a career in art administration. 



Timothy Markovits ’17

Digital Communications Major

House of Representatives, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania—Summer Domestic Internship

Markovits received partial funding for an internship with the House of Representatives in the Pennsylvania State Capitol. This opportunity exposed him to the legislative branch of state government, as well as lobbyists, lawyers, and activists. 



Rebecca Sheedy ’17

Biology Major

The Atlantis Project—Summer International Internship

Sheedy spent three weeks in the summer of 2016 in Cuenca, Spain, shadowing specialists in the medical profession to gain an insider’s view into the Spanish healthcare system. In addition to following physicians throughout their daily activities, Sheedy taught English to the doctors and nurses during evening hours. This experience increased her knowledge of healthcare in another country, expanded her cultural horizons, and increased her intercultural competence.



Adam Evanko ’16

English Major

Disney College Program

Evanko has always dreamed of working for Disney. As an English major, movies such as Tangled inspired his passion for writing, and Disney became one of his most prominent inspirations. However, he also recognized that part of what made Disney World great was the dedication of its staff. Through his participation in the prestigious Disney College Program, Evanko established professional connections that will aid him later in life. During his internship, Evanko spread happiness to others in the same way that Disney touched him during his childhood. He enrolled in classes during his time at Disney that educated him about the complicated working of a large, international company. Additionally, he his work in the park provided him with “a dreamland of inspiration.”



Ryan Shesman ’16

Business Major

Internship at the Washington Center

Ryan Shesman wanted to learn about international business and the College’s long-standing program at the Washington Center provided a great opportunity. Shesman secured an internship in Washington, D.C., and gained experience in this area of business, acknowledging that, though he had learned theory related to international business, he would need real-world experience to put it into practice. 

Arnold Grant Internship Awards

2015 Awards

Corby Myers ’17

World Trade Center Harrisburg, Harrisburg, Pa.

Myers continued the tradition of previous LVC students who have interned with the World Trade Center Harrisburg when she worked in marketing, communications, and event planning over the summer of 2015. Her role involved the global resources that are provided by the organization to the local and regional business community. The primary objective of Myers’ internship was to market, communicate, and plan events for surrounding businesses. These events provide resources that will solve and resolve key issues and concerns that Pennsylvania companies experience in the global market. 



Giovanna Ortiz ’16

CWS-Lancaster’s Immigration Legal Services Program, Lancaster, Pa.

Ortiz spent her summer working full-time in an unpaid position to conduct research on case law, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services policies, and court procedures. She also prepared briefs and country condition reports on immigration cases, creating client files, and assisting clients in Spanish and English. The cultural component of the work environment, along with the exposure to immigration law, provided Ortiz with an invaluable experience and help her pursue legal studies in the field of politics, Spanish, international relations, and law. 



Cory Paternoster ’16

Noisy Little Critter Studios, Downingtown, Pa.

Paternoster had the opportunity to work closely in the studio with Mike Bardzik, owner and chief engineer of Noisy Little Critter Studios, on professional recording sessions using equipment common to LVC students as well as new equipment. He also worked with Bardzik on finishing the final pieces of this fully functioning studio, which is a unique internship experience that helped Paternoster learn about studio design and acoustic treatment of sound rooms. The studio, though only two years old, has recorded an impressive list of albums and EPs in their converted historic barn in Downingtown, Pa. It is widely considered one of the most successful independent studios in Pennsylvania. Paternoster helped set up and run recording sessions, as well as physical work in the mainly acoustic treating rooms and gained a complete, hands-on perspective of how a professional studio is established.