High Impact Learning Opportunities:
Experiential, Integrated and Transformative Learning

High impact learning provides opportunities for undergraduate students to integrate their classroom learning to experiences within and beyond the campus borders, and, in doing so, to advance their learning in ways not ordinarily achieved in a classroom setting. As noted in the AAC & U definition of integrative learning, “integrative experiences often occur as learners address real-world problems, unscripted and sufficiently broad, to require multiple areas of knowledge and multiple modes of inquiry, offering multiple solutions and benefiting from multiple perspectives.” A high impact experience has great potential to transform a student learner so that she/he possesses the necessary attributes to live and work in a changing, diverse and fragile world and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Learning Goals of High Impact Experiences:
  1. Students will effectively integrate and apply learning achieved in undergraduate courses to a culminating project or performance or to experientially-based work; 
  2. Students will synthesize and transfer learning to new and more complex situations.
Types of High Impact Experiences:

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