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Katlyn Landes '13 Describes Art Gallery Internship Experience
11.02.12 |
As a gallery intern at Lebanon Valley College’s Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery, I am able to directly prepare for a career in the museum world. Through my internship, I work in multiple areas of the gallery: promotion, membership, community outreach, acquisitions, and exhibition preparation, to name a few. Because I am not restricted to working in one department, I am able to branch out and these aspects of the gallery frequently overlap. My specific interest is in museum education and community outreach.

The arts are an essential part of the community, enriching our culture and teaching others the importance of the fine arts. I believe that instilling this idea in a community’s youth helps to foster the growth of fine arts and fine art opportunities, as well as an appreciation of art.

Working and interning in the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery has confirmed my belief in the arts: it brings people together, connecting people of all backgrounds. Inspiring a passion for the arts in our youth is fundamental to becoming creative and successful leaders. However, in order to inspire our community, we must first make them aware of opportunities within our gallery. Thus, my work in educational outreach is inexplicably linked to that of promoting the gallery.

Since beginning my internship, I have been able to assist in the installation of the successful "A Feast for the Eyes" exhibition, as well as assisting in the planning and organizing of the gallery events. I have organized children’s workshops in conjunction with the gallery exhibitions and arranged gallery visits and tours with LVC classes and high school students.

Recently, my internship has allowed me to organize a visit and gallery activity with local art students from the Annville-Cleona High School. The visit was fun for both the students and myself; they were very engaged in the tour and exhibition, and afterward the scavenger hunt provided the students with a fun way to learn more about the individual artworks. Organizing these activities not only benefits the students, but allows the gallery to promote itself through community outreach.

Earlier this month, I gave a tour of the current exhibition to a group as part of Oktoberfest/Alumni Weekend. About 30 visitors were in attendance, and the tour provided them with an overview of the role food plays in art and allowed for discussion about individual artwork between myself and visitors.

I am currently researching in order to prepare the labels for the upcoming exhibition at the gallery, "Unnatural Disorder: Prints by Sue Coe." Coe is a social activist and artist, and her illustrations can be seen in The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, Time Magazine, and The New York Times, among others. She creates prints based on social issues, often sketches she has recorded from first-hand experiences. She is most passionate about animal rights, but also depicts the issues of war, apartheid, rape and the victimization of women, and corporate greed and indifference. Her prints are somewhat disturbing and in-your-face, but are meant to inspire social action by not allowing viewers to just shy away from the print or issue. This is sure to be a provocative new show and to generate some interesting conversation amongst visitors.

Lebanon Valley College students are extremely fortunate to have the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery on campus as a learning tool. This internship not only provides me with museum and gallery experience, but with a fulfilling life experience as well. I have the opportunity to work on projects that I am truly passionate about, and can actively contribute my best efforts to. My hope is that, through this internship, I may engage as much of the LVC community and surrounding communities as possible with the Gallery and the programs it has to offer.

By Katlyn Landes '13, art and art history major

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