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Wig & Buckle Theater Co. Casts a Spell with “Into the Woods” at Lebanon Valley College
10.23.12 |
Lebanon Valley College’s Wig and Buckle Theater Company will present “Into the Woods,” a musical twisting together the stories of classic fairytale characters, the last week of October and the first week of November.

Director Laura Gingerich '13 spent her summer examining the show’s setting. “I loved the mystery and darkness associated with the woods of the storybook tales,” the senior music education major said. “I took hikes through the forests near my home this summer to get a feel of set and lighting choices.”

She also spent time analyzing the fairytales that make up the musical’s source material. “Many of them are full of very mature themes like the strain of reaching maturity, losing loved ones, vanity, and twisted familial relationships. I also noted their illustrative coloring, which played a huge role in how I imagined the costumes, hair, and makeup.”

New to this production are understudies, who will be featured in their own performance on Thursday, Nov. 1. “The understudy performance was an idea considered for some time before the audition process,” explained Gingerich. “Because ‘Into the Woods’ does not have an ensemble, we wanted to somehow include as many students as possible. What new or returning student wouldn't love an opportunity to perform a role [they’ve] worked so hard to perfect?”

“Having an understudy means that I need to set an example for someone who needs to learn my part,” said Andrew Ferrie '14, who is playing the role of Jack. “I know I am not just handing my role over to a ‘stage crazy’ understudy. I am letting someone who has worked very hard and is deserving of a fair and wonderful performance.”

Dylan Tobias '16 is understudying Ferrie’s role. “Into the Woods” is his first Wig and Buckle production. “The experience of being around so many incredibly talented people has humbled me but also given insight into the music and theatre industries. The cast and production staff have been overwhelmingly supportive. There is a feeling that Wig and Buckle is a family within the community of LVC.”

“My fellow actors would help me during downtime,” echoed Aileen Koch '16, the Rapunzel understudy. “Wig and Buckle has taken us in with open arms and created a welcoming and warm environment.”

Gingerich is encouraged by the closeness of the production staff and cast. “I consider every cast member one of my friends. It's been important to remind the cast that every bit of direction or choice that the production staff and I have made comes from a place that wants best for the show. It's also been a joy to watch the triumphs that my friends have reached with their dedication and passion.”

“I've never felt closer and more attached to a cast in my life,” Ferrie agreed. “This cast is not only made up of the most amazing and talented actors on campus, but the kindest, passionate group of performers I've ever had the privilege of working with at this school.”

“I'm thankful for the students involved in the show, onstage and off,” said Gingerich. “This opportunity has revealed how much passion I have for the performing arts.”

Evening performances are Friday and Saturday, Oct. 26 and 27 at 8 p.m.; Sunday, Oct. 28 at 2 p.m.; and Thursday through Sunday, Nov. 1 through 4 at 8 p.m. The Nov. 3 performance is currently sold out. All shows are in Leedy Theater of Mund College Center. Tickets are free to LVC students, $15 for adults; $10 for non-LVC students, alumni, and faculty; $5 for children 10 and under; and $5 for seniors 60 and over.

For more information or to reserve tickets, visit, call 717-867-6162, or email

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