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Finding Your Way: Steve Teitelman and Chris Bauer
07.29.14 |
College is all about change—and it can take many different forms. Two LVC alumni, Steve Teitelman ’92 and Chris Bauer ’09 have experienced the importance of change and exploration first hand. Originally pre-med and biology and art and art history majors respectfully, the two LVC grads are now working together as critical care transport nurses at the Temple Health System in Philadelphia, Pa.

“We’re more than just a regular ambulance,” Teitelman explained “Our job is to assess our patient, safely transfer them to the receiving hospital, and perform whatever interventions are required to maintain their stability during transport, essentially, providing ICU level care for them on the way to the receiving hospital.”

Critical care transport units deliver patients from one hospital to another. If the patient needs a higher level of care than the hospital they are at can provide them, critical care transport ambulances will take care of that patient on the way to their new destination. Sometimes patients have multiple IV drips or require specific drugs, medical devices, and intensive care on the way. This is where critical care nurses come in.

Upon graduation, Teitelman and Bauer knew that they wanted to move their lives in the direction of nursing, however neither expected to meet another LVC grad in the same field, let alone in the same ambulance. So how did both of these men decide on a career in nursing, when neither went to school specifically for that profession? The duo says it was all about the experience.

Originally arriving at LVC to become a physician, Teitelman realized a few years into his college career that a career as a doctor was not for him. He began volunteering at the Union Hose Company ambulance in Annville and was intrigued by his experiences with emergency department nurses when he brought patients to the hospital. He loved how they could stabilize a patient, and realized that they spend more time with the patient than anyone else. That really interested him. He talked to his advisors and ultimately decided to pursue a self-designed major, Natural Sciences, to prepare him for life as a nurse after school. Upon graduation, he earned a diploma in nursing and began working at the Emergency Department at Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital in Camden, Nj.

Teitelman’s time at LVC wasn’t all work, though. He fully enjoyed his time on campus as it was his first time living away from home. He was a member of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, played varsity soccer, and loved to play piano in the practice rooms of Blair Music Center late at night.

“We would go to live concerts and just explore the area,” he recalled. “I was just trying to discover who I was and what I was all about.”

A recipient of the 2008 Distinguished Certified Transport Registered Nurse award, Teitelman has truly shown that he is motivated in what he does. He was noted as being a positive influence for pushing others to be the best that they can be. Now, he continues to work for the Temple Health system, where he met fellow Dutchman Chris Bauer.

While at LVC, Bauer was a member of cross country and track & field and is currently on six of LVC’s top 10 lists for these sports. He was involved in Special Olympics through a group that he helped create called Community Dutchmen, and was a member of various other clubs on campus.

Bauer graduated from LVC in 2009 with an art & art history degree. Upon graduation, however, he was unsure what it was that he wanted to do specifically, and decided to take his career in a completely different path. A year later he earned his degree from DeSales University and began his career in the nursing industry.

“You incorporate different parts of what you learn into your life,” Bauer said. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without my time at LVC.”

These two alumni with surprisingly similar stories are now continuing their paths together at the Temple Health Network. The two get along well and can communicate ideas to each other freely and effectively.

“The only generation gap is the name calling like ‘hey old guy,’” Teitelman joked.

Bauer is currently being oriented in the program and will soon be on his way to caring for patients on his own.

“He’s good, he’s ready to go,” Teitelman said of his new colleague. “Chris has the logistical flow of the situation. He doesn’t break a sweat even if the situation is tense.”

Teitelman and Bauer have learned from their life experiences and found what is important to them through exploration. Life is something that is full of change, and these men aren’t afraid to let that get the best of them. Lebanon Valley College’s supportive liberal arts education made this possible for them.

Teitelman gives a piece of advice to current students: “Don’t de-value the things you love. If you aren’t sure what you want to do, explore everything. Find what you like and go after it. Internships, externships, volunteering—just go for it, but have fun too. Balance work with play. Don’t let one thing consume you.” 

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