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A Showcase of Student Printmaking
01.30.13 |
Printmaking students learn from Sue Coe
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A showcase of some of the finest artistic talent on LVC’s campus will take place from January 31 to April 25 in the exhibition, “Poetry in Ink: Interpreting the World through Printmaking.” An opening reception will be held January 31 from 5 to 7 p.m. in Lynch Memorial Hall’s foyer gallery.

The exhibition is a compilation of printmaking from art and art history majors and minors and will contain more than 30 prints spanning a variety of printmaking media. Students in adjunct instructor Nancy Williams’ printmaking class created all of the prints during the fall 2012 semester.

“The range of techniques and subjects on display is very impressive,” Michael Pittari, associate professor of art and department chair of art & art history. “Our studio is small and we are limited in what techniques we can teach, but a lot of the work is as good as or better than what I have seen produced at large universities or art schools. This speaks to the talent and thought of our students, as this was the first printmaking course any of them had taken. And we are fortunate to have a part-time faculty member, Nancy Williams, with an incredible knowledge of printmaking and a passion for student learning.

From woodcut to monotype to linocut prints, nearly half of the works are based on a variety of subjects and themes, while 13 of the prints contain very strong compositions and powerful messages relating to political themes. The artists choosing a politically-related theme found their inspiration in a past exhibition at the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery, “Unnatural Disorder: Prints by Sue Coe.” Students enrolled in the course visited the gallery to view Coe’s artwork and attended her art lecture. The students later had the opportunity to meet Coe when she visited the class and critiqued the student’s artwork.

“The timing of Sue Coe's visit to LVC in late November was fortuitous,” Pittari said, “as the printmaking class had learned a number of techniques already and had a good understanding of the medium. Professor Williams designed the final course project with the Sue Coe exhibition in mind; the prompt was to make a print (using the linocut technique) that raises awareness of an issue of importance to the individual student. Coe visited the class when the students were still developing their images, and she was quite candid in noting the strengths or weaknesses of each student's work. They understood that Coe is a distinguished artist with a 40-year career as a professional illustrator and activist, and they were all really moved by her lecture, so it was certainly a highlight of their experience in the program.”

“I think the political pieces inspired by Sue Coe's work are very sophisticated,” Pittari continued. “The messages of these prints are powerful, in some cases almost painfully so, but there is a lot of nuance too. The unity of image and word in these pieces is also quite complex, especially when one realizes that the text had to be carved backwards so that it reads normally when printed (as the actual print is a reverse image of the carved plate).

The group of prints will be featured on the walls of Lynch Memorial Hall’s foyer gallery from January 31 to April 25. Student artists featured in the exhibition include Kirsten Cross, Samuel Diaz, Brittany Flood, Julia Hurley, Marissa Ingeno, Lea Laslow, Lauren Mowery, Kacey Musselman, Samantha Pabon, Justin Roth, Taylor Saraiva, Kiley Simonof, and Dave Yasenchak.

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